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Since it is not easy to see through the entire gameplay quickly, naturally questions, whose answers would can be difficult to put into a single text. Therefore, here are some of the most important questions are listed. Please read these questions and answers through first before you ask somebody .

 How do I become a recruit / Supporter / Cop ?

In order to recruit, you need to be noticed by continual willingness to help a team member, or an administrator in the chat . For this item you can not apply yourself .
To be cop / supporter , you must have been a recruit before. You can then apply for you in our forum for Cop and supporters .
After you’ve been for some time cop , you can apply to the agent . This is also done in our forum .
 Why I blubbere green?

If you enter the Crime server for the first time , you’re still a “newbie ” . This means you are under attack protection . This is as long as the case until your online time transgresses 2 hours , or until you for the first time a criminal action (ie shop to rob , attack another player , ..) have done.
To mark your status as a “newbie” you blubberst green.
 How I steal from a shop?

You need a weapon ( no matter what ) . With this you have to then crouch in a “Shop Zone”. You now have 5 seconds to abort the robbery without consequences . You keep gold nuggets, but also Crime . Stay long in the shop are available to chat “You have successfully robbed a shop ”
 How can I get the Crime Resourepack ?

You can download them Here
 How to Build on drugs?

Here you will find information on the drug cultivation . (Still insert link )
 I am banned! What can I do ?

First you have to register on Glizer.net . If you believe that your Ban is unjustified you can also write to your Ban a Dispute .
 Can I use a minimap ?

Yes you may , as long as you are not prepared to see what other users or mobs.
Question .. ?

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