Police Department Crime Map

Brauhaus der Hoffnung welcomes you to the Crime Server, a modified Minecraft role play server. The Crime Server is an unique Cops vs Robbers server with an entirely different concept than most CvR servers you’ll ever see. Cops chase bad boys like robbers, murderers and drug dealers. Here you can experience epic street fights or exciting chases. Join the server and be part of it.

Braushaus Crime Server features:

  • Unique Cops vs Robbers gameplay using self-made plugins
  • Join one of the factions or get together with friends and try to take over the world of Crackington
  • Economy based on gold nuggets and coal – pay money into bank account or take it from bank
  • Earn money to buy lots with apartments, stocks or slum buildings
  • Plant your own drugs in slum buildings and use them to get off cops
  • Different kinds of weapons you won’t find in vanilla minecraft (e.g. machine guns, sniper rifles and many more)
  • New functions of known items (e.g. use sugar as drug powder, blaze rods were used to lock/unlock chests
  • Helpful and friendly crew
  • Ingame tutorial which explains most of the features of the server and helps you getting started