In eigener Sache: News von unserem Sponsor

Wir wurden gebeten eines der neuen Angebote unseres Partners zu veröffentlichen, den VQS Infinite.
Dieser Server ermöglicht es erstmals eine unlimitierte Größe der Map zu erhalten. Hier einige genauere Informationen:

Following the enourmous success of their Minecraft VQS server offer, VeryGames has sought to bring you even bigger and better.  To do this they have done what they do best, LISTEN TO YOU!  Thats right, they have taken to heart all of your feedback and it was much of that feedback that helped to drive the features of their newest server hosting offer, Minecraft VQSi.
Infinite: it’s not just a word, it’s a way of life!  Or so it is now, with VeryGames new Minecraft VQS infinite server offer you are no longer shackled by boundaries or limitations.  Having built upon the expriences gained from their Minecraft VQS offer the staff at VeryGames have implemneted new hardware adn software solutions that allow themt o offer you a truly unlimited server while maintaining the highest quality of play!  With Minecraft VQSi both map size limit, and server ram resource limits are a thing of the past!  Your worlds can grow to any size and the servers will support them!
Premium: That’s what kind of options you get with Minecraft VQSi!  New premium options such as:

  • MapViewer Premium – this options allows you to generate several types of maps for your world.  Daytime maps, nighttime maps, spawn maps etc.
  • Backup Premium – this option allows you to have automatic backups made of your world every 2 hours, as opposed to the old 1 / day!

New Features: There are many new control panel features as well:

  • World selection control panel to easily load maps froma  lis tof all of your existing world files.
  • Easily select and delte worlds from your server
  • Add / remove server admins
  • Add / remove names from the whitelist
  • Ban / unban players by login or IP
  • Set a DNS alias for your server: players can login via a url rather then an ip address!  ex:

and more!

Sollte euch dies schmackhaft geworden sein so klickt einfach HIER oder oben auf den Banner um das Angebot anzunehmen.


  1. Eh das passt zwar Net aber irgendwie kann ich nicht ins Forum schreiben es wäre nett wenn jemand mir mal helfen würde weil ich glaube ich wurde nicht nicht aktivier denn ich würde gerne auf dem Rolensoieler Server soielen oder einfafch ins Forum schreiben

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