Crime Changes July-October

In the last time we did some changes on our crime server. We want to present you some of them to make it a little bit more interesting for you. To reserve you nothing we took the decision to present you our changes with a Blueprint system. Now you always have a overview about all important changes.

  • 09.08.2014 [DONE]

The new Flamethrower: Finaly we are proud to present you our newest feature. The Flamethrower is the best weapon to detroy your enemys. Visit the Crime Server and type /kit Flamethrower to acquire your first one. You’re also able to by another one for 250$ on the crime server. You only have to visit Sam the Firefighter, you find him inside the Firedepartment. If you need more ammo ask Sam. He will sell it for 80$ per charge.

  • 06.08.2014 [DONE]

We have bad news for you. Our mage moved to an other place. But where did he go? Our secret informants searched quite a long time for him, but then they found it. It’s a cave which is undiscovered for all the time and is connected with the canalization. There he build his new home. So they of you who want to go for him have to find the entrance of the cave because our informants forgot to take something to write with them and can’t describe the way to the mage.

  • 16.08.2014

The cops go on strike!: In the last days we had some problems with bad mood inside the cop team. The reason is that the cops doesn’t earn enough money for their hard and dangerous work. A press officer said that the cops will go on strike soon. Be warned! Noone will help you if they find you.
  • 23.08.2014

New Mobarena: Because of the huge rush of monsters we took the decision that we have to decimate the monster pollution. Consequently we will pull all the mobs into a special room. Inside that romm are well prepared and equiped fighters killing all the mobs. We look forward to see you at our mobevent !Kalenderwoche vom 18.08.14 bis zum 24.08.13

  • Week 18.08.14 to 24.08.13

Lotterysystem:  In future you will be able to reach some money with a little bit luck. We are proud to present you soon our newest changing! We reworked our old system which was made by Dragendave. In future you will be able to reach some money with a little bit luck. If you need money and you don’t want to kill a user or robb a shop take part at our lottery.

  • Week 25.08.14 to 31.08.13

New Jail: Exaclty! We a currently building a new jail! What does it mean for you? During the time the jail is in progress you will play with a secondary jail. This jail is built that you can break out much more easy. Use your chance and be excited to see the new jail with much more features!

  • from October

Recycling:  Who does not want to slip into the criminal life can be happy now! You will be soon able to find and recycle bottles to gain some money.
Halloween: Creepy, Creepy ! We are currently planning some halloween features and event for you. Already planned are events like „Search the Pumpkin!“ and much more.

  • from November

Balancing: Based on some discomforts we took the decision to balance our weapons and armourys. We will try everything to make you the server more enjoyable. More Informations following soon.

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