Since it’s not easy to understand the entire gameplay and beginners have a lot of questions when they start playing on this server, this FAQ shall help them. Please read this FAQ careful and probably some of your problems were solved.


Why am I sparkling green bubbles?

When joining the crime server for the first time, you’re a “newbie”. New players were protected against attacks of other players. This puppy license expires after 2 hours of online time or after committing a crime. These green bubbles are helpful to other user to identify someone as a newbie.


How to rob a shop?

You need any kind of weapon. While holding your weapon you have to crouch within a “Shop Zone”. During the first 5 seconds, you are able to abort the robbery and don’t have to fear any consequences. If you don’t abort you’ll get gold nuggets, but also crime. Keep standing in the shop until you get the chat message “You have successfully robbed a shop”.


How can I get the crime resourcepack?

You are prompted with a Question if you want to use our Server resourcepack as soon as you join.


I was banned from server. What can I do ?

First you should register on . If you think you were unjustly banned you can write a dispute to clarify the situation.


Am I allowed to use a minimap?

Yes you are, as long as you are not able to see other users or mobs on this map.


Am I allowed to use auto clicker mods?

Yes you are allowed to use them to mine, but with a max. rate of 5 clicks per second.