Version of: June, 18th 2018
Translation-Update: June, 18th 2018
It is essential to read the rules completely, because every single violation – on purpose or by accident – will be punished.
Ignorance is no excuse.

This game is not recommended for children under the age of 16.

(Violent, terror, fear, loosing, bad language,..)

Privacy Policy

Every action done by you on any of our Servers will be logged, and it will be stored together with your Minecraft-Account-Name for Server-security and Law reasons. All Account-related Data will be frequently deleted with every Server-reset. Additionally – if a violation of the rules occurred – Notes by the Administration will be added to the Glizer network where they will be saved and shown in public. Terms of Use of all player’s buildings are reserved by the Server-host, although the copyright remains with the creator.

General Rules

This server is privately hosted. It has no relations to Mojang AB. Using this Server and all it’s Services is free, therefor, there is neither a Premium nor a VIP offer/rank. There is no right for server-transparency, data insight, refunds, or unbanning. We kindly ask all players who can not/do not want to accept those conditions to leave the server before playing here.
All actions done on this server will be logged, and they can/will be looked up and redone at any time depending on what that action is. We are using a technology that allows us to ban globally, this means that you may also be banned on other servers with the same technology, and players will be warned about you.
The following actions are not allowed in general, and will be severely punished:

•Griefing: Harming the server. E.g.: destroying the map, destroying apartments/houses, etc.

•Hacking: Using additional programs, Texture-packs and Cheats, or abusing Bugs for your own benefit. E.g.: Flying with hacks, duplicating items, seeing through blocks or walls, etc.

•Cheating: Bypassing the game-system, abusing bugs, transparency skins, etc.

•Flaming: Being annoying, insulting, using too many caps or punctuation marks, writing messages over and over again. etc.

•Enlist System Abuse: Abusing our /enlist function is highly and strictly forbidden. You are only allowed to enlist users you referred to our servers.
Code of conduct

•Behave yourselves against other players fairly, respect them, and please always remember that all this is just a game, it has nothing to do with real life.

•You must not post any racist, insulting, pornographic content, any content that supports violence, and any content that would be illegal under the German law.

•Advertising your server, your friend’s server, or any other server is strictly forbidden (look under “Advertising and Mentioning” for more about this rule).

•For any private conversations such as small talk, bribing, or just talking, use our private messaging system: /m [USERNAME] [Message] or our local Channel: /l [Message]

•If a staff member does not have time for your concerns, do not hesitate to use our ticketing system: /pe new [Problem description], and if you run out of space: /pe comment [#TicketNr.] [Additional Information]. This is usually meant to be for bug, and hack/grief reports. Please remember that this method will take it’s time, so please be patient.
Lost Items

Items lost by Server restarts or crashes by bugs, death of your Character or any stolen items will not be replaced.
General rules for building

In general you are not allowed to place obsidian, nor will you be able to, because that block acts as a TNT-proof block which can only be placed buy an admin. Therefore it is also now allowed to create it by converting lava into obsidian with a bucket of water. Furthermore, constantly working redstone wireings (e.g.: Clocks,..) are not allowed, and will be destroyed at sight.
Barricading walls or entrances with Signs, ladders, chests, redstone, doors or trapdoors is strongly forbidden.
Griefs will be punished, there will either be fines, or may be warned, or possibly even worse, banned.


You can only build on lots, but you need to buy one first. Those lots are marked with a bedrock block at either the wall next to the entrance, or at a corner. You can see it’s price by right-clicking on the bedrock, and if it’s sold, you will see it’s owner.

Sold Houses and Apartments will be buyable again if it’s owner has been offline for more than 30 days.

Changing how the walls look in your apartment is now allowed. The only reason you can’t edit your front-wall is, because otherwise you couldn’t use your door(s). If you change your wall, it may be rebuild without any refunds.

You are not allowed to place additional doors or replace them. Other doors within your apartment will be removed by moderators at any time. If you wish to move your door, please open a petition (/pe open). Your petition will be investigated by the team.

Securing Chests by placing sand or gravel is forbidden.

It is forbidden to log out or use /kill while escaping the cops.

Bypassing your jail-time by using an alternate account is forbidden. Violation may cause a ban of your main and all of your alternate accounts along with it.

You may not be online with serveral accounts at once.

Blocking other users from playing the game is not allowed. (e.g.: Bank camping, camping in front of their apartments, spawn-kill,..)

Bypassing the rotting of drugs is strongly forbidden and will be removed immediately. We wont refund your gear/drugs we took.

Stalking a player is not allowed at all.

Spawn-killing is not allowed. (Which means you should not kill freshly spawned Users, give them a chance to re-equip.)

If you go offline while having crime, a „logout-out“ block appears. If someone clicks on it, next time you log in your inventory is dropped and you are in jail.

You must not rob the “Cop-Lots”, and if you do, you will be severely punished.

Automatic-clicker are allowed but not unless for mining (max. 5 clicks per second) and if you don’t use it for attacking players or mobs.

Securing roofs from using enderpearls by placing glass(-panes) is not allowed. Placing glass (ID:20) is not allowed in general, and will be punished if you do so.

During the election for the next „Specialagent“ you are only allowed to vote with a single account. (/copvote).

General rules of the game

Being afk is forbidden and will result in a (automatic) kick.
In case you have been banned from the server your possessions will be dispossessed.

Advertising and Mentioning

In general, you need to recognise the difference between Advertising and Mentioning. In theory, we reserve the right of considering even the slightest of mentioning about a server as advertising. As long as the will is clear to see that you want to refer other players to a different server, you will be banned. A ban for advertising is considered system-wide. That means that we may ban you on any platform we provide if you advert on just a single one of them (also in-game).

It is not allowed to use an private server for faction stuff.
Even the question to join such a server will be handled as an advert.

Salvatorius clause
In case any clauses are inefficient or impracticable or they are inefficient or impracticable after the confirmation of the rules, the effectiveness of the clauses will be untouched. Instead of the inefficient or impracticable clauses the most efficient clause will be executed. The previous clauses are applied in case the guidelines is not complete.
Any more questions?

If you have got any questions about our guidelines, feel free to ask someone from the Team. any other helpful player. Alternatively there is more information about our server on our homepage or in a more detailed way in our Wiki.


You do not need to activate your account on our Crime-Server.