Crime Event Afternoon

Rumour spreads on the server – there will be another map for our Crime-Server..?
Today we are going to confirm this rumour:

Soon the 2nd Map of Brauhaus Crime will be released!

As it will still take some time, that everyone can visit the new map, we decided to enable those 5 players, which earn that honour, to visit the new map before everyone else! They can explore the whole map in order to look for the best hiding places before the official release.
Of course it’s not that we choose these 5 players – no! YOU have got the chance to get one of 5 pre-acces-possibilities! Therefore we planned an Event-Afternoon, that will be on

Saturday, 08/02/2014
from 3 pm. on

  • Time format: UTC+1 –

We arranged a time plan:

3 pm. PVP-Event
4 pm. Maze-Event
5 pm. Mob-Event

In these events, you can win points – of course the winners get the most points, whereas the losers get less. The 5 players that have the most points in all three events not just won all events, they are going to be the first players to explore Brauhaus Crime – Map 2!
We already wish you good luck! You should probably be on the server in before 3 pm., that the events can start on time.


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