Crime-Eventafternoon – Results and Announcements

Today there was a Event-Afternoon on our Server. There were several difficulties, of course, but there were now 5 players, that were better than the others in all 3 events:

kenned0400 with 10 Points

Mr_Zilla and EcoHD with each 7 Points

Roffler967 with 5 Points

and HighBattle with 3 Points!

These 5 players are allowed to join and discover Brauhaus-Crime – Map 2 earlier than the other players! Congratuliations!

For everyone else there is the official MapRelease on 22/02/2014 at 5 pm! (UTC+1)

— Winners of the Pre-Acces-Tickets can join the new map at 3 pm (UTC+1). Please contact an administrator or another team-member. —
There are 5 other players winning a Pre-Acces-Ticket because of their Onlinetime:





and BlackJokey!

Thank You for Your loyality!
Enjoy the time on the „old“ Crime-Map until the next one will be released! There will be some surprises!


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