Crime Update

Dear Community,
we are happy to announce an update!
This is a list with the bugfixes:
– The map was fixed!
We added some new features:
– The map shows your current position and the position of all player with bounty. For Cops there are additionally all player with Crime on the map
– There is a new interface if you type „/c“. You can use it by doing „/c“ , open the chat and click on „Next Page“ or „Previous Page“ with your mouse. Also we added some short explanations for the commands.
– We added a message for players who get an invclear.
– Sticky Bombs will now make a fire! When you delete the fire the bomb is defused!
– In addition to land password only the plot doors for other players can now be released! The doors must be secured first with the command / cprivate and be shared with other players with / cmodify [playername]!
Have fun with the new update 😉


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