Minecraft 1.8 – Snapshot 14w31a – NightLight Sensor, Rabbit Sounds & MEHR

Hallo Community,
es gibt wieder eine neue Snapshot. Doch es gibt nicht viel neues sondern nur eine Menge an Bugfixes und Verbesserungen. Aber schaut doch selber:

Melons are now mined faster using axes
Melonen können nun auch mit einer Axt schneller gefarmt werden 🙂
Dieser Befehl kann nun auch im Singleplayer genutzt werden und hat nun auch eine Chunk Funktion mit x y z Koordinaten.
New banner patterns
Es wurden noch ein paar Banner hinzugefügt die noch gefehlt haben. Damit sind die Banner gemeint die noch nicht in alle Richtungen waren.
Secret Feature
Es gibt auch in dieser Snapshot wieder ein kleines Feature, aber dies soll wohl 24.83 Tage dauern um es zu finden ^^ Es soll aber eine Änderung von etwas sein was es schon gibt.
Das versteckte Feature hat mit der Worldboarder zu tun. Der Zeitparameter beim ändern der Worldboarder Größe, kann nun um einiges Größer sein. Vielleicht 24.83 Tage lang? ^^
Fixed daylight Sensor outputting signal when encased: Fixed by adding an inverted state for daylight sensors
Man kann jetzt durch einen einfachen Rechtsklick auf einen DayLight Sensor aus diesem einen NightLight Sensor machen der genau das Gegenteil vom DayLight Sensor macht.

DayLight und NightLight Sensor

Only players get damage outside of the world border
Jetzt bekommen nur noch die Spieler außerhalb der Worldboarder Schaden und nicht mehr alle Entitys.
Rabbit sounds
Hasen haben nun endlich auch einen Sound bekommen 😀 Jetzt will man sie gar nicht mehr töten 🙁

Eine Menge Bugfixes 😀
Snapshot 14w31a:
Fixed potion effect status not showing if the inventory was open when it was cast upon the player
Fixed the fire charge sound being incorrect
Fixed the door texture being inconsistent
Fixed being unable to pause the game or open any GUI while in nether portals
Fixed stone stairs not being named cobblestone stairs
Fixed renamed items‘ name not being shown in italics or coloured on item switching
Fixed the Ender Dragon not being affected by the Sharpness and Power enchantments
Fixed hoppers using wood sounds for placing and breaking
Fixed renamed slimes and magma cubes not keeping their name when splitting
Fixed thrown eggs looking like snowballs when hitting something
Fixed TNT not being ignited when right-clicked by a fire charge
Fixed blaze and ghast fireballs still lighting stuff on fire if mobGriefing is turned off
Fixed team colours not being accounted for in /say
Fixed being unable to connect to UTF-8 domain names
Fixed leads not dropping when a leashed mob is killed
Fixed wild and hostile Wolves being leashable
Fixed the wrong texture being used for wither armour
Fixed opening and closing doors and trapdoors using each other’s sound randomly
Fixed „stat.damageTaken“ and „stat.damageDealt“ tracking number of hits versus number of hp damage
Fixed 2 block tall grass/fern not producing seeds when broken
Fixed item frames only dropping their items upon explosion
Fixed the fire block breaking sound being that of wood
Fixed the respective aggressiveness NBT tag for mobs with the new AI having no effect
Fixed the cactus model in the inventory not being lined up correctly
Fixed zoomed out maps not properly aligning
Fixed a dataTag parsing/escaping issue
Fixed non-standard texture resolutions causing rendering errors with mipmap
Fixed an error message about witch sound effects being played
Fixed breaking slime blocks sounding like stone
Fixed item frames being lit incorrectly
Fixed spectators showing the burning effect in lava
Fixed flying through water in spectator mode still playing the splashing sound
Fixed items being too high up on the arm while sneaking
Fixed /spreadplayers not working with entities
Fixed a crash when using /clone on complex structures
Fixed monsters being able to spawn on barrier blocks
Fixed cobwebs being affected by block lighting
Fixed a server scoreboard bug relating to UUIDs
Fixed swimming in water causing held items to darken
Fixed using an asterisk as name for score chat component not being effective as translatable argument
Fixed upward facing droppers/dispensers only shooting items west
Fixed ladders not breaking faster using an axe
Fixed fully grown cocoa beans only dropping one item when wood log they’re attached to is retracted
Fixed TNT explosions not being strong enough
Fixed /gamerule randomTickSpeed offering wrong tab completion
Fixed /clone, /fill, and /setblock not setting blocks outside world border
Fixed /tellraw with a {selector:“@…“} component not working if the executor doesn’t have any results
Fixed 2d rendered objects (Tall Grass, Plants, Fire, etc) being darker on one side
Fixed nether portals not properly generating
Fixed projectiles always facing the same direction
Fixed coarse dirt and podzol turning into regular dirt when trees grows on it
Fixed connecting to servers using resource packs displaying „Texture pack“
Fixed witch huts spawning all kinds of mobs
Fixed using shears on double fern resulting in pink and black box in inventory
Fixed breaking an active jukebox not destroying the block
Fixed blocks pushed by pistons above Y=256 being deleted
Fixed using „Pick Block“ on lapis ore creating missing texture block
Fixed item frames dropping even when doTileDrops is false
Fixed hoppers being unable to take buckets out of furnaces
Fixed rabbits not taking damage from falling
Fixed the rabbit foot in incorrect creative tab
Fixed pie chart debug menu not dissapearing in F1 mode
Fixed changing blocks being delayed visually
Fixed fishing rods and carrots on sticks being held incorrectly
Fixed guardians dealing damage when hit with TNT
Fixed an ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
Fixed clicking ‚Snooper Settings‘ crashing the game
Fixed /replaceitem not working twice
Fixed endermen getting angry when hit in creative
Fixed chunks near 30000000 blocks glitching out
Fixed comparator_unlit having invalid cullface
Fixed incorrect display for Failed to Login screen
Fixed anvil durability being restored when anvil is broken and placed back down

Die neue Version könnt Ihr im Launcher runterladen wenn Ihr die Version „Use latest version“ nutzt und einen Haken bei Enable Snapshot setzt. Dann auf Play gehen und downloaden.

Spaß haben nicht vergessen!
Hier gibts noch die Downloads für die Server-Version: Jar-Datei oder exe-Datei



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