…suddenly I ran around the corner. A few seconds later I felt a heat at my neck, I heard steps coming closer and closer and I thought they’d getting faster every second, like iron hammers pounding the floor. My heart beats as strong as a heart of a man who is going to finish an iron man.

But what should I do now? Right in front of me the life-consuming fire and behind me a broken glass which leads directly into death if someone would jump down. Whole situation was hopeless and all this happened so fast. I saw fire coming out the iron maw and I noticed a man with iron armor was smiling. It was a weapon I’ve never seen before, a flamethrower…
What? new weapon – flamethrower (blaze powder)
Ammo: golden shovel
weapon: $250
ammo: $80
Which side are you on? Find out with our new weapon!
You get the flamethrower ex saturday with:
/kit flamethrower
within the shops

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