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Avatar Vektorius

Crime Update


Dear Community,

we are happy to announce an update!

This is a list with the bugfixes:
- The map was fixed!

We added some new features:
- The map shows your current position and the position of all player with bounty. For Cops there are additionally all player with Crime on the map
- There is a new interface if you type “/c”. You can use it by doing “/c” , open the chat and click on “Next Page” or “Previous Page” with your mouse. Also we added some short explanations for the commands.
- We added a message for players who get an invclear.
- Sticky Bombs will now make a fire! When you delete the fire the bomb is defused!
- In addition to land password only the plot doors for other players can now be released! The doors must be secured first with the command / cprivate and be shared with other players with / cmodify [playername]!

Have fun with the new update ;)


Crime update


Dear Community,

we are happy to announce an update

This is a list with the bugfixes
- If a prisoner/cop tries to drop an item – it doesn´t disappear

- The “bread eat” bug was fixed

- A lot of outdated things were removed

- A lot of language tags were edited

- A lot of minor bugfixes

Also we added some new features:

- /c bounty – Shows you a list with bountys

- Item for Chestlocking was added (NameTag/421)

You can buy it at the Tech-Shop for 80$/each

- We also updated the CvR plugin to the new UUID-System

Please report any errors or bugs by doing a PE with your problem


PvP Event


We heard from the dark corners of the server voices whispering that they found something that is hidden a long time. But what is it?

The voices are saying it’s a place of violence and death and then the voices fall silent in a strange silence…

But nothing brings down our informants, so they’re searching for this place and what they found is a… PvP Arena


Yes you proberly understood. There is new PvP Arena soon on the Crime Server!

To celebrate that it must give violence and death, so we’re launching a PvP Event on Saturday!

Also there is something to win… what could it be?


To sum all this information up:

What? PvP Event

When? Saturday 6 pm UTC +1(12th April)

Where? New PvP Arena (crime.minecraft.name)

by Pasimega

Avatar kaeserip



So everyone of you who revieved a grenade in the middle of a fight or who gets a grenade as a present in the mine, can now look forward!
Because now there are all /bc shop commands blocked execpt in a shop in the townhall.
So now no one must fear a grenade or other presents in the middle of a fight exept you are in the spawn area.

Crime BC Shop

Avatar CoolJoni

Price Changes

Hey Guys!
After successfully robbing, killing, breaking into appartments or mining for 4 weeks we decided to change some prices!
Here are our changes:

  • Planting drugs is easier!

You´ll only need a Slum house and some water for 2500$

  • Swords are cheaper!

Goldsword: 20$

Woodensword: 30$

Stonesword: 160$

Ironsword: 360$

Diamondsword: 600$

  • Securing chests with blazerods is expensiver.

The new price for Blazerods is 150$.


We hope you like the new changes – Have fun!

Avatar kaeserip

Crime-Map @ PMC #2

Today we’ve got the next district of our new Crime-Map for you – The Downtown

Die Downtown von Crackington

visit the Projekt @ PlanetMinecraft

Avatar kaeserip

Crime-Map @ PMC

In the next days, we’ll present each district of the new Crime Map to you.

If you like the Map, support the Map at PlanetMinecraft: bdh.name/crime1

Crackington - the Crime City


So – see you soon at our Crime-Server :)


The New Crime Map will be released soon

Yes dear users :)


You read correctly, it is a little more than 48 hours until the New Crime Map is released.

At the point again got the one pre-Access Pass a reminder of the users, as

you already can from 15:00 on the server. Just a Report to Admin If you do not secure

are if you are among these people, here is again a list of these people:






high Battle





and Mojo12345!


All others can enjoy the fun of the new map from 17:00.


But there is another thing that you need to know urgently:


The Crime will be from 17:00 to 6:00 tomorrow morning down because it is involved in the preparations

So do not be surprised when you are just playing and suddenly kicked on the ground: Server Closed!


Have fun continues on Crime :)

Avatar Knaeckecompany

Crime-Eventafternoon – Results and Announcements

Today there was a Event-Afternoon on our Server. There were several difficulties, of course, but there were now 5 players, that were better than the others in all 3 events:

kenned0400 with 10 Points

Mr_Zilla and EcoHD with each 7 Points

Roffler967 with 5 Points

and HighBattle with 3 Points!

These 5 players are allowed to join and discover Brauhaus-Crime – Map 2 earlier than the other players! Congratuliations!

For everyone else there is the official MapRelease on 22/02/2014 at 5 pm! (UTC+1)


– Winners of the Pre-Acces-Tickets can join the new map at 3 pm (UTC+1). Please contact an administrator or another team-member. –


There are 5 other players winning a Pre-Acces-Ticket because of their Onlinetime:





and BlackJokey!

Thank You for Your loyality!

Enjoy the time on the “old” Crime-Map until the next one will be released! There will be some surprises!

Avatar CoolJoni

Crime Event Afternoon

Rumour spreads on the server – there will be another map for our Crime-Server..?
Today we are going to confirm this rumour:

Soon the 2nd Map of Brauhaus Crime will be released!

As it will still take some time, that everyone can visit the new map, we decided to enable those 5 players, which earn that honour, to visit the new map before everyone else! They can explore the whole map in order to look for the best hiding places before the official release.

Of course it’s not that we choose these 5 players – no! YOU have got the chance to get one of 5 pre-acces-possibilities! Therefore we planned an Event-Afternoon, that will be on

Saturday, 08/02/2014
from 3 pm. on crime.minecraft.name

  • Time format: UTC+1 -

We arranged a time plan:

3 pm. PVP-Event
4 pm. Maze-Event
5 pm. Mob-Event

In these events, you can win points – of course the winners get the most points, whereas the losers get less. The 5 players that have the most points in all three events not just won all events, they are going to be the first players to explore Brauhaus Crime – Map 2!

We already wish you good luck! You should probably be on the server in before 3 pm., that the events can start on time.

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