Crime Spleef Event

BAM! I did it again…
I was chased by cops, shot by my enemies, stabbed in the back by friends…
With the daily fortune of criminals in this city, and the daily misfortune of the criminals victims, how else could we survive?
The city’s police force and the chaos criminals cause have taken over, so it´s important to be one step ahead of the cops and its
Yesterday, I went to the supermarket to rob it of it’s money and goods, and I managed to get away with what I grabbed.
However… The cops caught up to me later that day and arrested me. Something tells me they knew my every move…
And of course, I was sent to jail, but this time, I used my downtime to think of ideas.
There had to be something… something I can use brute force on, something I can do to gain instead of losing it all, and
something to get the cops off my tail.
Then… it hit me! A football was thrown by a prisoner and hit my head… But, nonetheless, that hit in the head gave me a great
I came up with a new game… Two players in one room, and the only chance of survival is by breaking the floor underneath my
opponent before he does the same to me.
No more getting chased by cops, no more having fear of death by criminals, this is a chance to give the criminals what they
I will call it… Spleef!
What? Spleef Tournament
When? Saturday 28.06.2014 – 20.15 (UTC +1)
Where? On the Crime-server (
by Kato-San

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